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How to Use the MagicRod™ Cordless Auto Curler from Padcist®

How to Use the MagicRod™ Cordless Auto Curler from Padcist®

How to Use the MagicRod™ Cordless Auto Curler from Padcist®

Get gorgeous curls and waves on the go. Kiss cords goodbye and embrace the anytime, anywhere convenience of the MagicRod™ Auto Curler. So easy, it gives you the look you love in a few simple steps. Don’t let cords tie you down. Live Free. And, check out the Padcist website for details on the complete collection of cordless styling tools.


   1. CHARGE UP:

Charge your curler with the USB cord fully overnight before first use. 
PS: Charging to full capacity after first-time use will take less time. Charging time will vary depending on the USB adapter and power source.


  • Press ON for 2 seconds, then press it again for temperature (300°, 360°, or 400°) curl direction (left or right), and time (6, 8, 10, or 12 seconds).
  • Press SETTING to select an option for each.
  • Select L (left) curl direction to curl right side of your head, R (right) to curl left side of your head or mix them up.
  • Wait for the heat icon to stop flashing (you’ll hear 2 beeps).
  • In-use time will vary depending on heat/timer settings selected, as well as hair type.

Now that the curl chamber has heated up, place a ½-inch section of clean, dry, tangle-free hair into it. For very long hair, it is recommended to section off less than ½-inch sections. 


Press and hold the START button to draw hair into the chamber. Continue to hold the button while you hear a succession of slow beeps corresponding to the timer setting you’ve selected.  


When you hear 2 quick beeps, let go of the button and pull the auto curler down to release a perfectly formed curl. Let curl cool to set. Repeat the steps above for a head full of flowing curls.

Quick Tip for Curl Control

 Quick Tip for a Varied Look