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Read Me First Before Using Your MagicRod™ Cordless Auto Curler From Padcist

Read Me First Before Using Your MagicRod™ Cordless Auto Curler From Padcist

Charge fully overnight before first use. Charge time may vary depending on the type of adapter and power source being used. It’s best to use a 2.4 amp adapter for the quickest charge time.

Step 1:

Once the battery icon stops flashing and 4 bars are displayed, turn on the unit by pushing the ON/OFF button for 2 seconds.

Use the MODE and SETTING buttons to select the temperature, curl direction and timer settings.

Step 2:

Once the heat icon stops flashing and you hear a beep, the unit is ready to use.

Start with a 1/2" section of hair and insert it into the curl chamber. For longer hair, take smaller sections.

Step 3:

Press and continuously hold the START button to begin curling. The button should be held for the duration of the timer setting.

Step 4:

Release the START button when you hear 2 rapid beeps. Pull the auto curler down to reveal the perfect curl.

The styler will operate for up to 60 minutes.
Please Note: In-use time will vary depending on the heat and timer settings selected, as well as hair type.

Auto-off feature for added safety and preserves battery life.
Please Note: If the unit is switched on and idle for more than 15 minutes, it will automatically shut off. This does not mean the battery is dead. If you want to continue using the styler, press and hold the ON/OFF/MODE button for 2 seconds to turn it on again.